Move smart. Pay less.

Users in Argentina are always eager and open to explore new ways to travel for short and medium distances. Through their facebook page, the team at Trivu had been building a big online audience of people within the country, looking to connect and share the cost and time of medium distance traveling.

Trivu is now a platform to share trips, either to go to another city or even to go to the office. Users can either be the driver or join an already created trip. Moving smartly means saving money, time, meeting new people and caring for the environment.

Project Summary

User and Product discovery, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Illustration, Brand consulting.

App Design
Icon Design
Web Design
Launch project

Rating system by categories

Friendly UI to add passengers to your ride

Easy ride configuration

Custom icon system

Connecting the dots.

Users can either be the driver or join a trip already created as a passenger. As a driver you can accept or reject the requests to join your trip, whilst as a passenger you select which driver to travel with and see who their passengers will be. The app allows you to verify the reputation of each user based on previous trips as well as reading the opinions of other users about the driver. As an added feature, you can use the TRIVU chat to talk with your traveling companions and get to know each other before leaving.

COCO helped us bring our long-distance carpooling project to life! Not only did they make a spectacular design of all the screens, but they were also an excellent thought-partner in the process of creating the application, ensuring a smooth and simple user experience.

Joaquín Drewanz, Founder