Mutt Data

AI for Data Nerds.

Mutt Data is a technology company that helps develop custom data products using Machine Learning, Data Science and Big Data. They sought us out to modernize their visuals whilst keeping their essence and translating it into a vibrant web site.

Project Summary

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product discovery, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Identity development.

Responsive Design
Web Design
Icon Design
Launch project
Data made beautifully simple

On 2020 Mutt Data's team approached us, as well as Litebox, seeking assistance in the process of redefining the way they were communicating their services and values.
Our answer  to their challenge was to design a completely new web experience inspired by our love of typography, design information and the idea of a ‘friendly Ai’.

Collaborating closely with the Mutt Data team, we kicked off the design process by defining the features and mapping out the user flows. Creating a wireframe prototype helped us test the user experience to then move forward into de final UI.

Helping users understand Ai and its advantages.

Let's be honest, Ai isn't an easy cookie to eat. It's abstract, intangible, yet nowadays, it seems like it’s behind everything, learning about us and our behaviours. With this in mind we conceptualized and designed a set of duotone outline icons to make ideas clear and friendly to the users.

Say hello to Mutt – your Ai Dog.

Stickers, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, you name it we have it!
We are in love with the brand's mascot and we wanted the world to fall in love too.

Research and analysis to address missed opportunities

Our research and concept validation made it possible to make precise design decisions, such as how to balance information and processes so users never felt overwhelmed, while also speaking to a broader audience.

Information Models

Data Flows

Users connecting with AI

Chart Design

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