Marina management made easy.

Molo is a cloud-based, business-facing application accessible via iPad and web browser that offers a simple way to manage transient and seasonal reservations, contacts, vessels, check-ins and payment processing dockside. Additionally, Molo provides automated billing paired with automated email messages for seasonal contract renewals, transient reservation confirmations, billing invoices, and more.

Project Summary

User and Product Discovery, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Illustration.

App Design
Web Design
Icon Design
Motion Graphics
The quad 450's of marine business software.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for marinas to issue diner-style triplicate checks to boaters for the services provided, and to manage their accounts receivable using an Excel spreadsheet on a sole laptop. Molo's founders are incredibly passionate about boating and sought to satisfy the need for better management and customer relationship tools in the industry.

Clear thin lines, brand colors and a dash of whimsy.

In addition to detailed info on marinas, yacht clubs, boatyards and others, Molo allows its users to manage spaces, book, pay and review their operations both for the managers and the boat owners. To that end we worked on a really broad icon system that helps the user experience but at the same time, makes it easy and entertaining.

We like to move it.

We created different animations with the icons to help improve the visual experience and interactions with the user.

Payments Made Easy

We created different sets of UI components to allow the user to collect their revenue with ease, while Molo handles the contracts, reservations, payments, and reporting.

Invoicing and Recurring Charges

Invoicing in the marine industry presents unique challenges that Molo is uniquely positioned to solve. We created specific UX flows to provide automated opportunities to collect revenue with ease for storage, memberships, and more.

Credit Card and ACH Payments

Molo has fully integrated in-person chip, contactless payments and stored card payments. You can collect payment with a bank account or credit card with quick gross payouts.

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