Designing a new way of eating.

Over the past decade, Mateo Marietti has been working on his dream of improving the way that we eat. First with the very successful Sushi Pop in Argentina, that became the largest food delivery company in Latin America, and now with his new adventure: CookUnity.

First Steps.

Mateo brought us in to help him visually build this new company from scratch. The driving concept was: a private chef food delivery service that focuses on healthy, balanced, honest and tasty food, with a holistic approach to its communication and design.

The Challenge.

NYC's vast culinary scene is very competitive given the variety and quality available. However, even an established market like this one is no stranger to changes in consumption habits. CookUnity understood that. Seeing how the consumers had begun to value new offerings and higher quality for the food they consumed. Actively seeking out a more ‘Home cooked’ style made with fresh ingredients and transparency in the production process. On these basis, we worked in the visual development of the brand, seeking to convey: quality, honesty and human touch.

Project Summary

Competitive benchmarking, User and Product discovery, Usability testing, Low-fi prototyping, Hi-fi prototyping, Identity development.

App Design
Web Design
Icon Design
Motion Graphics
Deck Design
The Scope.

We were commissioned to work on both the offline and online development of the brand, designing and interacting with their visual identity in such touchpoints as their packaging, brochures, apps and website. We developed a creative and visual strategy that brought together the human aspect of the brand with their unique offering of healthy and delicious food.

The Work.

Moodboarding, Business Research, Benchmarking, User Research, Interaction Design, Case Study, User Flows, Wireframing, Prototyping, Visual Design, Mockuping, Print Design and all the magic that comes along with creating a brand infused with values and a mission.

Delivery Paper Bag

Tote Bags

Chef's App Logo Design

Membership Card

Joining the fight against unhealthy food.

In order to materialize CookUnity’s unique value proposition, we worked alongside Mateo and the rest of the amazing team to bring to life their website, app and curate the offline experience to enhance how CookUnity functions and meaningfully changes the way that New Yorkers eat.Through our design of a clear Strategy, UX, Visual Design, and the development of the company's online and offline platform, we helped CookUnity become a lead player within the NY market and expand across the globe.

Subscription Booklet

Meal pack's sleeve

Discount Cards

Home page design

Coco is now part of our core team in every new project we build. They help us visualize the values of our brands and stick to it along the way. As designers of experiences, they always find the balance between functional and emotional design to enhance our ideas online or offline. Fast and accountable, outsourcing design with Coco was the best business decision I've made recently.

Mateo Marietti, CEO / Founder